First video of a new song on the Heartquake album.

The Sea – featuring Piia Helkaharju – Cello

We’d like to thank the actress Virpi Billing and the actors Mika, Leo, Jimmy and Sami.

CD album was published on 21.12.2021.
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The Sea Lyrics:

Wind is cold
It whips my face while I am standing here

The Sea is black and yet the foam
on waves makes it look so harmless
like home

The clouds are hanging low
You can see them touch the horizon

There are no shooting stars
to make my dream
come true

I see it glowing in the dark
Like a lighthouse that guides to you
And still I know it in my heart
It’s too late to try to

This time your sails has taken you
To the seas that are far beyond my reach

There’s no use for me to call you
I can only hear your voice in my dreams

They’re coming back
All your friends
They were out there looking for you.

So quiet and so sad
Everyone is feeling plaintive and blue

Tears falling from your eyes
Into the sea that took him away from you

You turn your back and walk